Overview of IoT: Ethical, Social and Political Issues

  • Meng Shen Chan
  • Doris Hooi Ten Wong
  • Ahmad Razif Mohamad
  • Khairul Abid Shamsulb
  • Meng Cheec Chong
  • Roslina Ibrahim
Keywords: Internet of Things, IoT, Ethical, Social, Politic


Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology which encompasses the network of objects that features a specific IP address within internet connection, then the communication occurs between the objects and other Internet-based devices and systems. Experts’ vision that the IoT in the future could potentially amalgamate digital and biological on a same platform, that enable users to gain control of devices and provide a real-time information that will improve the quality of life. Literature review discussed on IoT issues through an organized review papers, white papers, intellectual discourse by experts and web databas. This paper will also provide an overview of IoT and discuss the ethical, social, and political issues that raised in society. The discussion will lead the good researchers a good comprehensive view on the current IoT trend issues and the interplay of the focus areas will be important for future works.